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Customising your canoe

If you like to stand out from the crowd, there are a number of different ways you can customise your Weston Canoe:

  • Name – many people give their canoe a name. Sometimes in memory of someone, sometimes just because you’ve come up with a great name that sounds boat-worthy! Whatever you decide on, we can usually¬†add a name in any font or colour – although black looks best against the wood in our opinion. The name will go on the front on one side and on the back of the canoe on the other side.
  • Yoke Engraving – a name or quote can be engraved on the carrying yoke.
  • Custom Paint Colours – we love the natural wooden look of our canoes but we have done a number of boats that have been painted on the outside. This contrast between painted outside and wooden inside can look very good.
  • Paddles¬†– we can add the same custom name or paint colour to the paddles if you’d like them to match your custom canoe.

If you want to discuss your ideas please get in touch!