All of our wooden canoes can be given a bespoke finish to make your canoe even more personal. This can include giving your canoe a name, custom painted finishes or engraving a message on the yoke or carrying handles.



If you want to give your canoe a name we are always happy to put this onto the bow of the canoe. It only adds to the romance of owning a wooden boat. Names are ordered as vinyl decals and are available in any font, size and colour.


Painted finishes

We are always happy to paint canoes if required. Whilst we love the natural wooden finish, the contrast between a painted hull and wooden interior looks fantastic.

All paintwork is carried out to the highest standards using International Toplac Yacht Paint.


Engraved messages

When it comes to customising your canoe, nothing beats a personalised message or quote. We can have any picture or quote engraved into the central thwart, handle or deck plate of your beautiful canoe.


Please contact us to discuss our custom finishes.