Short and Long Term Canoe Rental

If you live in Norfolk, or you’re coming on holiday here, and would like to spend your time paddling our beautiful Norfolk Broads you can rent our canoes for a weekend, midweek or week long rental. Our canoes can be used on any reed-based rivers and lakes (in Norfolk but also elsewhere in the UK). Please note our canoes are wooden and are not suitable for white water canoeing.


What’s included in a rental?

  • Canoe
  • Paddles
  • Buoyancy aids
    • 2 buoyancy aids for a 2 seater canoe (adult/children)
    • 3 buoyancy aids for a 3 seater canoe (adult/children), or 2 adult and 2 children’s buoyancy aids
  • Straps to tie your canoe to the roof rack
    • If you don’t have a roof rack you can rent our foam roof rack blocks
  • The canoes are tolled to be used on the Norfolk Broads. If you want to use them elsewhere in the country you will need to buy a day or weekly toll pass.


How much does it cost?

2 Seater Canoe

  • Weekend (Friday-Sunday): £70
  • Midweek (Monday-Thursday): £70
  • 7 Days (can start any day): £120
  • 14 Days (can start any day): £180


3 Seater Canoe (4 Seater if 2 children are under 10)

  • Weekend (Friday-Sunday): £80
  • Midweek (Monday-Thursday): £80
  • 7 Days (can start any day): £140
  • 14 Days (can start any day): £200
  • If you’re using the canoe with 2 adults and 2 children then the children will share the middle seat


  • Please note a £200 damage deposit per canoe is needed for all rentals. This can be paid on the day of collection.
  • Canoes will need to be returned by 5pm on the final day of your rental.
  • Please ensure you have a safe place to store your canoe overnight. You are not allowed to store it on your car roof unless it is parked in a secure area with no risk of theft.


Optional extras

  • Dry bag: £5
  • Foam roof rack blocks (add these if you don’t have a roof rack): £5
  • Canoe back rest: £5/seat
  • Canoe trolley: £10
  • Extra buoyancy aid: £5


Collection and return is from our workshop which is located on Morton Lane, Weston Longville, NR9 5JL. Advanced booking is necessary. The workshop is not staffed at all times so please ensure you book your rental online before arriving. If you need a last-minute rental please contact us.

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