Built By Hand

Weston Canoes are built by hand using modern stitch and glue techniques. This involves cutting precise strips of wood that are stitched together to form the traditional canoe shape.
The strips are glued together with epoxy resin before being strengthened with fibreglass tape. All holes and seams are filled with epoxy resin to make the boat watertight and the hull is covered in fibreglass to strengthen the boat and protect the wood.

All canoes are varnished or painted to give a beautiful finish.

What wood do we use?

All of our canoes are made from Okume, in the form of marine grade plywood. As the name suggests, marine plywood is designed for boat building. It is exceptionally strong and light and is full of stunning grain patterns. The gunwales and thwarts are made from Scandinavian redwood pine.



If cared for and stored well Weston Canoes will last as long as any other canoe. Maintenance can be a simple as applying a couple of coats of varnish at the beginning of each season.

We guarantee all of our canoes for 12 months. On top of which, we are always happy to chat if you need any help looking after your canoe.